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Q&A: Did you just delete your facebook account?

©CC3 BY-SA by @Mayeu
©CC3 BY-SA by @Mayeu

          No – in fact, to this day, I've never had one. Same goes for Instagram and Twitter. In the beginning I was a little skeptical and thought I would just sit this one out. Turns out facebook wasn't just a short-lived hype but would significantly change the face of the internet, the way people interacted with each other on a daily basis, the way people found out about your band playing a concert…


          Believe me, organizers and friends alike have given me a hard time about not actively promoting my music on social media for years now (however, you can find some of my bands and a few other “Natalie Elwoods” on there, one of them surprisingly enough has about the same hair color as I and also sings jazz!). I guess the outcry over the recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal has changed the discourse a little bit – to my advantage, if you will.


          No matter what happens in the future, my “3D” friends and fans will always be my most valuable allies, more than any number of likes and clicks or retweets or what have you. Secondly, I will keep encouraging people to step outside their bubble (and to do the same myself) and to spend less of their life time with “facebook anxiety” or giving up their privacy for free only to be bombarded with ads. Here, I said it. I simply do not like this product.


(If you feel the same you might enjoy listening to this :-)


Q&A: Wilderness skills

OK, seriously (almost). So you're on the island, you've got some cool tunes with you, yada yada. But the question is: Would you survive?


      Seriously? I don't know. I am said to have some sort of pragmatic intelligence, but the problem is that I am lacking any substantial wilderness skills. I have, however, invested in a deck of Knowledge Cards entitled "Wilderness Survival Skills" that I plan on studying in the near future. Boy, you should've seen me run from that bear on a hike in Yosemite...



Q&A: Imagine you're Tom Hanks in "Cast Away"...

... however, there is a working CD player in one of the packages. Now, if you could pick one artist or band whose entire discography you could take to the island, which one would you choose?


      Well, considering I am somewhat of a jazz singer, this might come as a surprise to you, but I would be torn between the Counting Crows and R.E.M.! Here are some suggestions for when you are (geographically or emotionally) stranded on a island and find yourself talking to inanimate objects:

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Organic food snob

      Well, let's face it – nobody's getting any younger. Makes you wanna reconsider what you truly value in life. And I think I can officially state that I could (almost) exclusively live on honest love, spirited music, and amazing food. If you’re ever in New York City and want to experience the latter, and if you care for exquisite farm-to-the-table cuisine, I most certainly recommend Blue Hill – for all the right reasons (do make a reservation in advance). (And Rob: I proudly accept that you call me an organic food snob – for all the right reasons as well :)


     This is how much snow there was around Washington Place last week:


... and this is how pretty it looked across the reservoir: