thank you.

There a so many people to thank –

I want to start with my parents, who have always nourished my musical education (though not musicians themselves), who never got tired of taking me to (and paying for) piano lessons and choir rehearsals, and who continue to embrace my musical career today.


Metti for writing poetic music, for motivating me, and for being the first person asking me to sing – Steffi for giving me a chance. Jürgen Vogt for teaching me my first blues tune. Jan Decker for opening a door to jazz and for being the first one to tell me that I AM a singer. Edi and Klaus for their patience and guidance in preparing for my audition. My friends who have supported me and are touched by my music. My teachers who encourage and guide me. My band for painting the most amazing pictures and landscapes for me to embrace. Josef for ... everything, always, and more than I would have ever imagined. All the wonderful people I make music with, all the people who have inspired, challenged, or motivated me – thank you.