Elwood & Reßle

natalie elwood       vocals; melodica, loops & more

          josef reßle       piano                                          

“Elwood & Reßle” celebrated the release of their debut album “Three For Two” at a sold-out concert at Munich's Jazzclub Unterfahrt. According to Oliver Hochkeppel, a renowned critic writing for the German Sueddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), “the two […] ultimately maneuvered themselves into the limelight” with this recording. The newspaper Merkur printed an enthusiastic review of the duo’s performance: “An unbelievable intensity emanates from their music, which is immediately captivating because it is simply unusual. It is not only Reßle's fantastic virtuosity on the piano, not only Elwood's fascinating voice that is so impressive. It's the symbiosis of both, the perfect harmony, the joint improvisation that leaves you almost breathless. That is exactly how jazz ought to be.”


Both energetic and warmhearted, Natalie Elwood and Josef Reßle present fanciful arrangements as well as compositions of their own – “ethereal little masterpieces [...] full of lyrical power, shrugging off stylistic boundaries” (SZ). The atmospheric and emotional sensitivity associated with this lyricism is an essential trademark of Natalie Elwood, along with her vocal artistry and flawless intonation. “As far as vocal range, the ability to effortlessly improvise onomatopoetically, and the exploration of the finest moods and nuances are concerned, only a few other female singers are currently able to hold their candle to Elwood.” (Mittelbayerische Zeitung)


Her duo partner Josef Reßle “masters the entire spectrum of modern (jazz) piano playing. From emotional to electrifying – Reßle plays through all variations.” (SZ) By doing so, he continues to prove why he duly received the BMW Welt Young Artist Jazz Award in 2016. With sparkling ingenuity he creates rousing solo passages, paints remarkable musical backdrops, and interacts with his singing partner in both a provocative and humorous manner. To round off the duo’s exceptional sound spectrum, Natalie weaves in snippets on Melodica, Kalimba, Kantele, and a loop station. “Elwood & Reßle's” success in creating a great musical arc over all of these elements is not least due to their profound and long-standing collaboration.



Elwood & Reßle video playlist on YouTube

©Felix & Melwin Noe @Kontrapunkt Klavierwerkstatt
©Felix & Melwin Noe @Kontrapunkt Klavierwerkstatt


Elwood & Reßle

"Three for two"

FLUXX Records (2018) [purchase CD] [iTunes]

"Beautiful songs are arranged into three suite-like sections [on this CD] called 'The Dance', 'The Journey,' and 'The Arrival,' building up on and refering to each other like on a good old concept album." (SZ)

"It is indeed an arrival, with the two of them finally playing their way into the limelight with this recording. The songs are ethereal little masterpieces through the through, full of lyrical power, not to be pigeonholed. [...] Sometimes a singer/songwriter feel dominates [...], sometimes it almost sounds like modern classical music à la Arvo Pärt [...], and sometimes blues and jazz come into their own. [...] But there's always passion, expression and a bunch of ideas behind it." (SZ)



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